Rest a while on a bench in our front garden

At the end of March 2018  our ‘wildlife’ garden  was turned into something more tidy!

Garden SOS

We struggled to get on top of keeping our front garden looking nice over the years and it ran away with us becoming what we referred to as our ‘wildlife garden’. We needed help and the good folks from CGC Landscaping came and sorted us out early in 2018.  The ivy and bramble were ripped out which left us with a few shrubs and self seeded rowan trees.  We decided on a raised bed at one end and we bought plants that would attract butterflies and bees.  These were a mixture of buddleia, lilac, azalea and hebes.

David cut down the leylandii to the front and left of the house and we have replanted red, orange and yellow pyracanthas,  they have grown well and will need pruning back this autumn/winter.

We left the leylandii to the right of the house and it makes a good windbreak when it gusts off the hills.  Our signboard had a good bend in it from the strong winds, so while we’ve been closed David took it down and has managed to get it almost straight.  He has put it back up the other way round so the wind should now finish off the job!

We have a bench in the front garden where you can sit and relax and enjoy a drink.