Our Green Policy

We don’t operate a 100% eco-friendly business but we are working towards it

In April 2019 we were awarded Visit Scotland’s Green Tourism Silver Award.


We ask guests to pre-order breakfast so that we can minimise food wastage.

Our supplier delivers to us 3 times a week so we don’t have to make journeys in the car to pick up guest house food supplies.

We only use free range eggs.

In the guest bedrooms we offer a flask of fresh milk, instead of UHT in plastic packets.

Our complimentary drink products are Fair Trade.

Daily items such as bread and milk are bought in the local supermarket.

Cleaning Products


We use Koh to clean the whole house. Koh® is a next-generation universal eco cleaning solution employing the science of green ionic chemistry.


ecover Toilet Cleaner in each bathroom

ecover Non-Bio Laundry Concentrated Detergent and Fabric Softener used for the laundry.

Who Gives a Crap

We buy Who gives a Crap Premium 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper.  Made with forest friendly bamboo!  As well as saving trees 50% of their profits goes to building toilets.

Bathroom Toiletries

We provide handmade natural soap and organic skin care products from The Highland Soap Company, Scotland.


We have LED lightbulbs throughout the house.

The radiators in the bedrooms are fitted with thermostats so guests can adjust the temperature when the heating is on.

Outside lighting is on a movement sensor so will only come on when it is dark if someone comes through the gate.

All glass, paper, cardboard, tins are recycled.

Soft Furnishings

We have had the lounge seating and chairs in the breakfast room re-upholstered instead of replacing them.

4 bedroom chairs have been re-upholstered.

When we replace bedding/curtains/towels etc we take the old ones to Mary’s Meals who can either re-sell them to customers or sell them for re-cycling.


We have planted various shrubs to encourage butterflies, bees and birds.

We scattered some wildflower seeds in Spring 2019 and are waiting to see if they will be successful.

Our next steps

Buy recycled printer paper when current supply runs out.

Buy refillable printer cartridges when current supply runs out.

Review electricity supplier when current contract ends.

What our Guests can do to help

Switch off lights and tv when not in the room.

Only request clean towels when necessary.

Don’t flush q-tips, wipes, sanitary products etc down the toilet.

Shop local.

Take advantage of the walks and bike rides from our doorstep.