August 2013

Crafts and Things

Had a nice lunch at Crafts & Things at Tighphuirt, Glencoe.  Sat outside as the temperature was recording 30/85 degrees, maybe the soup and a toastie wasn’t such a good idea but they were certainly very tasty.  

Glencoe Marathon

I think the confirmations for the Glencoe Marathon must just have been received –  3 bookings in 10 minutes for the 5th October.  This is the 2nd year for the event,  held on the 6th October,  a 26 mile trail run that ascends 1608 metres.  This year there is also the Mamores Half Marathon and […]

Via Ferrata

Check out the new Via Ferrata coming to Kinlochleven soon.

What are Kippers?

We often get asked by our overseas guests ‘what are kippers’?  which we try to explain the best we can with very bad accents, it’s einen Raeucherherring, pescado ahumado, dell’aringa affumicata, poisson fume. Sometimes the response is ‘ really fish for breakfast’?? and we reply ‘of course, they are delicious and a traditional Scottish breakfast’. […]

Rowan Berries

I’ve just noticed that the rowan trees are already showing their berries, I’m sure they are earlier than last year.  The rowan is supposed to ward of witches and other supernatural beings so I’m glad we’ve got a few dotted around the garden.

River Bugging with Vertical Descents

One of our guests went river bugging this morning in Kinlochleven, I bet they had fun!

Meteor Shower

If you are in Scotland for the next couple of days and the night is clear, find yourself a dark spot (no street lighting) and look to the skies, the Perseids Meteor Shower is going to be at it’s best.  You could spot up to 100 flaming objects (shooting stars) in the night sky.  This […]

Launch of New Website

Today sees the launch of our new website.  We hope you like it and find it helpful in planning your holiday.  If you have any suggestions on what else you would like to see here please let us know.